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Adnan Abdullahi

Adnan Abdullahi

BS/MS Mechanical Engineering





I want to make an impact by adhering to the belief that teaching people how to fish is more meaningful than just giving them the fish. I intend to use my skills to create a platform for individuals in my community who are disadvantaged or have no formal education, to learn a valuable commercial trade that can serve as a source of livelihood to them.This platform shall not only equip its subscribers with skills, but also provide guidance and capital to ensure that its members have the best chance at thriving as a business.
Adnan is a founding member of Technolect Innovations, a company dedicated to bringing the conceptual designs and imaginations of students to the market instead of subjecting them to the norm of dying on the shelves of libraries. His involvement with Technolect advanced his interest in the area of manufacturing and design. Adnan hopes to conduct research in the areas of manufacturing process optimization, additive manufacturing, and CAD-CAM manufacturing processes. Adnan is well versed in teamwork and team dynamics, skills he honed while serving as the president of the Association of Muslim Students in Engineering (KNUST), and as a student researcher, working with a plethora of individuals from varying backgrounds on projects and research directly related to his field of study. Adnan hopes to gain professional experience at a world class manufacturing or energy firm, where he will prove a valuable asset to the organization and improve his knowledge and skills base. An avid reader, and a student of knowledge, Adnan hopes to one day share his unique experiences and perspectives with the world, in a book which is currently a work in progress.