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Ruby Obeng

Ruby Obeng

BSc/MS Biomedical Engineering





I envision a world where no individual is limited by their health disability in terms of the quality of life they live. A world where quality health is made accessible to all. As a Mastercard Foundation Scholar, I am an ambassador of the foundation. I stand as an individual sharing like visions which need to come to a realization.
Ruby is interested in the field of rehabilitation engineering and seeks to design and develop the best technological systems to help persons with disabilities. While studying in Ghana, in 2015, she interned at the National Prosthetics and Orthotics Centre (NPOC)in Accra where she gained a substantial amount of field-related experience. Currently at ASU, she is engaged in research work with a partner at the Centre for Adaptive Neural Systems which deals with testing flexible wearable shear force sensors for potential use the prosthetic socket of diabetic amputees. Ruby believes in the power of change and the importance of having a drive that is powered by an intense inner desire and will. She is a passionate leader who will use her passion to guide, empower and influence others. While in Ghana, she served as the General Secretary for the Biomedical Engineering Students’ Society from 2016 to 2017. She has also volunteered as the site leader for ASU Changemaker at the Tiger Mountain Foundation. Her short-term goal is to become a knowledgeable and well-resourced individual in her field of study and with this, she can implement her long-term goal of impacting the lives of others by channeling the knowledge she has acquired into the development of better rehabilitation systems.