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Baobab scholars community platform

By 2023, the Mastercard Foundation (MCF) will award full secondary and tertiary scholarships to 30,000 Scholars, enabling them to study at partner institutions around the globe. To unite this community of Scholars, ASU developed Baobab, a social learning network that will link Scholars with tools, resources and relationships that will support and equip them to build upon their scholarship experiences and achieve impact across sub-Saharan Africa.

Baobab provides Scholars continued learning opportunities and enhanced ability to connect and collaborate with others toward common goals. The platform has a unique one-to-many mentorship model, where mentors can engage directly with a few mentees and with the broader Scholar community through curated experiences. Since launching in October 2016, the platform has connected 3,300 Scholars across nine time zones and 27 institutions. In addition, the platform has already provided Scholars with access to more than 100 external mentors.

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